DJ Bhakta - Baba Nam Kevalam [mind, body & soul mix]

DJ Bhakta - Baba Nam Kevalam [mind, body & soul mix]: "Namaskar'a. Thanks to modern technolgy, also a non-musician like me can express himself through music. This is a special gift, I suppose. This one is my first kiirtan mix and it came out on may 2008, during an ekadashi day. I was in Bologna (Italy) and I used 2 cd players, one mixer and an efx generator (especially) for delay. Hoping that it will make you dance and chant siddhamantra in His Divine flow, always in a Lalita Marmika style, obviously (^__^) I embrace all of you dear bros & sisters all around the world. All around the universe, indeed. Param'piita Baba ki, jay!